Help Desk and Desktop Support

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Help Desk and Desktop Support

DesktopsWhen it comes to computers, users will always have problems. Our Help Desk and Desktop Support provides first-line assistance that your users need, but you may not have time to provide. Our staff takes the first call and stays with the problem until a resolution is in place.


Our team is experienced at troubleshooting client issues and working diligently to resolve them quickly. In addition, our technicians are professional IT Consultants that enjoy helping organizations map out projects that need to be completed, as well as navigating the wide range of equipment and software available on the market to help our partners find the right solutions at an affordable price.

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Description of Services


  • First-level technical support
  • Available by phone or email
  • Escalation of problems
  • Gather additional information needed to troubleshoot issues
  • Provide central tracking for issues
  • Escalate issues to appropriate vendor if needed
  • Liaison with vendors
  • Manage problem resolution
  • Monitor incoming communications and provide quick response
  • Staffed during regular business hours


  • Provide onsite support for end users
  • Provide remote support for end users
  • Provide second and third tier support
  • Perform software installation and upgrades
  • Provide software ‘push’ for remote installations
  • Provide limited support for barcode scanners
  • Provide limited support for mobile printers
  • Provide configuration assistance of 3G/4G devices
  • Maintain radius user database
  • Manage WIFI access
The estimated monthly charges (which would be based solely on your needs) are a fraction of the costs associated with hiring a part-time employee.


  1. Installation, maintenance and administration of hardware and operating systems including updates and patches.
  2. Monitor Microsoft Updates for the operating systems and core applications on a continuous basis, including patches, fixes and service packs.
  3. Bundle non-critical updates into a single load, involving less disruption to operations.
  4. Load critical updates to entire network infrastructure.
  5. Install Printer Drivers and setup printers on workstations for network or local printers.
  6. Respond to print issues as needed (toner, paper jams and cartridge changes should be performed by users).
  7. Verify uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units are configured and working properly
    • Maintenance of UPS devices should only be performed by manufacturer certified personnel or licensed electricians.
Workstation Support includes:
  1. Software Installation
  2. Software Removal
  3. User configuration
  4. Security configuration
  5. Disk clean-up
  6. Disk Defragmenting
  7. Verifying user connectivity and program functionality.

* User training is not included.
Please see Additional Terms and Conditions.

  1. Daily backup of workstations will utilize the existing backup system. If the current backup system is inadequate or fails to meet requirements, VIA will recommend an alternate solution.
  2. VIA will follow recommended guidelines of existing backup system.
  1. Maintain current anti-virus software.