In 1985, VIA began with a mission …

SecurityAt VIA, we strive to connect local governments by utilizing the best, cutting-edge technologies. And for more than 30 years, we have been supporting the Public Sector and select customers in the Private Sector.

Throughout our years of service, we have developed and strengthened our relationships with organizations, government agencies and municipalities. At VIA, we don’t just see our customers as “clients,” we see them as partners–collaborating to create a dependable, functional and secure I.T. infrastructure.

Our technicians and engineers are seasoned experts with more than 100 years of combined experience supporting and maintaining (government) operations software, network software, servers and other related services.

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Dependability, security and functionality of your I.T. infrastructure is our main focus.

Managed I.T. Services

VIA can manage your I.T. services for a fraction of the cost of hiring a part-time employee. Services include:

Hardware & Software

At VIA, we navigate the wide range of equipment and software available on the market to help our clients find the right solutions at an affordable price:

  • We are pleased to offer our KonSolidated Hybrid Cloud System built on the power of Red Hat.
  • As an official Barracuda Partner, VIA is excited to offer their award winning backup platform, along with Barracuda’s flexible Email and Web Security Solutions. Visit for more information.
  • As a Cisco Select Partner, you can rest assured that your network is in good hands.
  • Additionally, we are a Red Hat Ready Business Partner, which gives you access to enterprise-ready software, updates, information, and support services to keep your operations running securely. Visit for more information.