You Can’t Put a Price on Trust

You can’t put a price on trust

Thumbs UpYou can buy hardware from almost anyone. So, why are so many of our valued clients also repeat customers? It’s not about the price. You can buy hardware from online vendors for less, we readily admit that. But, with those online vendors do you really know what you are getting? The market is flooded with counterfeit hardware. The FBI even formed a taskforce to run ‘Operation Cisco Raider’ to deal with the prevalence of fake hardware.

There are also thousands of vendors who will happily sell you products that they can’t implement, support or repair. Not at VIA. For more than 30 years, our customers have been relying on us, because we’ve built our reputation on trust.


  • To provide you with reliable systems that meet your needs and will also grow with your organization
  • To provide I.T. Management Services that are not only reliable, but also affordable
  • To give our largest customers the same personalized service that we give to our smallest clients.
We are proud of our partnerships with Cisco, RedHat, Barracuda, Symantec and others. VIA provides products and solutions that we support, and more importantly, that we trust.  When we sell to you, we know that there is a very good chance you’ll look to us for support; so we take the time to test and select products that work. We also buy directly from the manufacturer or an authorized partner to ensure that your technology purchase is exactly what you think it is. You can buy from anyone, but our customers will tell you that there is a reason they continue to call us first.

When we need a server, we call VIA. When we need PCs we call VIA. When we need printers, we call VIA. When we need networking, we call VIA. When we get hit by lightning, we call VIA. If I’m out of town and there’s a problem, I tell my staff to call VIA. There is a definite trend here. VIA is the company that you call. We’ve been with VIA since 1989, they’ve always been there, and they’ve always delivered.

Ret. Chief Frans Hollanders
Martinsville Police Department
Martinsville, Indiana