RMS Assist

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RMS Assist

SecurityThis service can help bridge the gap between software platforms, servers and end-users. RMS Assist is a supplemental support amenity that helps your System Administrator become completely comfortable in your RMS Database/Software environment while allowing staff to start utilizing your system to its fullest capacity immediately.

Our clients find that having RMS Assist or RMS Assist PLUS+ enables sworn officers to spend more time on the road and less time troubleshooting database bugs and other computer-related issues.

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Description of Services

  1. Oversee Name-Merges
  2. Manage problem incidents
  3. Manage tables to keep name and units current
  4. Manage user names
  5. Remove cases added in error
  6. Change numbering schemes as needed
  7. Maintain training and practice databases
  8. Troubleshoot reports
    • Suggest alternative reports to meet user needs
  9. Enforce permissions and security protocols
  10. Plan and coordinate system upgrades
  11. Oversee support tickets that have been escalated to RMS vendor as necessary
  12. Monitor installation of bug-fixes and software updates
  13. Help install and configure additional database modules as they are purchased
  14. Coordinate and/or plan system downtime for routine maintenance
  15. Perform standard Administrative tasks as needed

+ RMS Assist PLUS is a similar service with the advantage of extra support that includes aiding with new RMS system implementation and full RMS server administration after installation.

I’ve used VIA’s support services since I first started using our RMS system in 1997. To me, RMS Assist is more than just a service we rely on, it’s peace of mind for me, my department and the community we serve.”

Sheriff Ken Hendrickson
Randolph County Sheriff
Winchester, IN