Our Team

Our Team

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    Steve Hurley

    Director of Network Services

    About Steve Hurley

    I began working for Endeavor Communications in 2016 after attending Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. Throughout my career at Endeavor Communications, I have provided Network service support to agencies and municipalities throughout Central Indiana. I focus on responding to our clients’ needs, but also truly caring about clients’ success. While at Endeavor, or on location with clients, I can be found behind more than a few workstations performing different tasks to help our clients network services. When I am not bouncing from one computer workstation to the next, I am probably “glamping” with my wonderful wife and children.

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    Crissy Hanes

    Business Analyst

    About Crissy Hanes

    “I began working for VIA in 2015 after taking a few years off to raise my two children. Previously, I worked for more than seven years for Apple Computer in Chicago, providing solutions to the Higher Education market. Throughout my career, I have always focused on providing great customer service for both internal and external customers. As the Operations Manager for VIA, I wear many hats including: human resources, vendor and partner management, purchasing, sales, customer contracts and communications. Each day at VIA brings new challenges and opportunities to serve our customers. I enjoy working with our team bringing IT support to agencies who are focused on serving and protecting the public.”

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    Brett Edstene

    Sales Engineer

    About Brett Edstene

    “I began working for VIA in 1997 after attending Ball State University in Muncie, IN. Throughout my career at VIA, I have provided PC, Network and Database support to agencies and municipalities throughout the Midwest. As President of VIA, I focus on developing a staff of talented and dedicated engineers and technicians who not only respond to our client’s needs, but also truly care about our client’s success. While at VIA or on location with clients, I can be found behind more than a few workstations performing different tasks for project management and client consultation. When I am not bouncing from one computer workstation to the next, I am spending time with my amazing five year old daughter (who takes up most of my free time).”

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    Alan Herzig

    Network Administrator

    About Alan Herzig

    “As the newest member of VIA, I am the “go-to expert” for Microsoft Windows servers and OS issues. Previously, I worked in the public education sector, assisting teachers and students as they transitioned into the “one-to-one environment”. I have experience with customer relations, as it deals with technology, for AT&T and Duke Energy. At VIA, I enjoy providing excellent customer service in the creative and energetic atmosphere that the VIA team provides.”

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    Joshua Liechty

    Network Engineer

    About Joshua Liechty

    Joshua graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Acoustical Engineering. Throughout his various jobs he has garnered experience in  programming, IT Services, and client communication. Joshua brings with him vast tech experience and a hard-working tenacity at doing “anything and everything” for his clients. His ability to bring creativity to clientele problems is an asset for not only you, but the Endeavor team.

    In Joshua’s spare time he enjoys home improvement projects, nature photography, and binge-watching YouTube.

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    Jeni Coffey

    Marketing/Design Consultant

    About Jeni Coffey

    Jeni has been working with VIA as a Marketing and Design Consultant since 2013. She holds a degree in Web Management, attended Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH for Visual Communications, and Indiana University in Bloomington for Gender Studies. Her professional experience has been in the areas of leadership,  graphic and web design, marketing, and publishing. Some of Jeni’s career accomplishments include: Winning two American Advertising Federation’s “Addy Awards” for email designs; Proofreading and formatting a book publication for MIT Press, “Atlas of Science” (Börner, 2009); Creating data visualizations for display at the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Agriculture, University of Florida, Cornell University, Ponce School of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, Washington University of St. Louis, The Scripps Research Institute and Indiana University; and published data visualizations in Science (2010) and submitted for publication in Nature. Jeni brings her plethora of experiences to VIA with an eye towards expanding our outreach, client-base, and increasing our visibility and image.